A Message from Andrew Walczak

The following email has been received from Andrew Walczak who attended WCS from 1950 to 1957.


Looking at the Old Boys’ website I noticed the note inviting Old Boys to get in touch; (but don’t ask me to give you a rendition of “Unitate Fortior” at this time).
So here goes. I attended WCS from 1950 to 1957, being deputy Head Prefect during my final year.

I have been living in Canada since 1963, with just a five year stint in the US in the early nineteen-seventies (and had the good sense to return to Canada). Since emigrating I’ve attended several annual dinners at the school. I was accompanied at the annual dinner by my son (same first name as mine) in 2008 — as the Master of the local Freemasons’ lodge here he was invited by the Old Boys’ lodge to a meeting at which he gave a lecture.

My own fortunes have seen a lot of diversity: —
Last year I published my autobiography/memoirs , titled ” 43 ADDRESSES, An Odyssey Przemyƛl to Oakville”.

All the best.

Andrew Walczak